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When you think of Rimini, you immediately think of the beach and fun. And this is enough to make it a nice holiday. But Rimini is much more and many of you know it.

258 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione For those who still do not know it well and want unexpected discoveries, we briefly illustrate the wonders that this area offers, reminding you that we are always available for information, suggestions and tips on what to do and see nearby.

In town and out of town

Let’s start by dividing the itineraries between in the city and outside the city: Valentina, from Rimini, and Gianbattista, originally from a village in the hinterland, are the right guides to introduce you to this journey, two souls of the same land, who know of sea and hills , each with its own distinctive features but which come together in perfect synthesis, unique and harmonious.

Valentina can tell you everything that Rimini offers starting from its historic center, from Roman origins through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to today. He will surely tell you about the majestic Arch of Augustus, the ancient gate of the city, and the two thousand years of the Tiberius Bridge, the extraordinary The Surgeon’s House, unique in the world, and the amphitheater …. Throughout the centuries he will advise you not to miss a visit to the Malatesta Temple, a Renaissance masterpiece by Leon Battista Alberti inside which there is a crucifix by Giotto and a fresco by Piero della Francesca, and to the beautiful Piazza Cavour, with its medieval buildings – now home to PART, the amazing art collection contemporary of the San Patrignano Foundation – the Galli Theater, the charming Vecchia Pescheria. From there you cross the new Piazza dei Sogni and enter Fellini’s universe, with the widespread museum dedicated to the Master of world cinema housed in Castel Sismondo and in the Palazzo del Fulgor. Among the suggestions there will certainly be to stroll along Corso d’Augustoup to the Piazza sull’Acqua and Borgo San Giuliano, with its colorful houses, restaurants and murals by Italian and international artists.

Gianbattista is a native of Verucchio, the cradle of the Malatesta family, where Mastin Vecchio, progenitor of the Rimini Lordship, was born. The village is in the heart of the Marecchia valley, immersed in a spectacular landscape that embraces the sea and hills. Take a walk through the alleys and craft shops, up to the fortress that dominates the town, and taste the typical food and wine, you will not regret it. But the origins of Verucchio are much older because here there is an important settlement of the Villanovan-Etruscan civilization that flourished from the 9th to the 7th century BC. and which today can be discovered at the Archaeological Museum. If from Verucchio you go inland, along the river you will meet Torriana, Montebello and the suggestive Sanctuary of the Madonna di Saiano, up to San Leo, one of the most beautiful and majestic places in Italy, with a fortress at peak on a spur of rock whose profile can be distinguished even from very far away. From here you can continue to reach Pennabilli, with its original and exciting places of the soul designed by the poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra. Returning to the sea, a stop inSantarcangelo di Romagna is a must to get lost in its beautiful historic center made up of alleys, stairways and squares, with bars and restaurants that invite you to stop for a glass or dinner.

Equally beautiful, but sweeter than those of Valmarecchia, are the views of Valconca, the other valley of the Rimini hinterland, on the border with the Marche, among which Montefiore and its fortress, Saludecio, Mondaino and Montegridolfo, stand out, while near the coast there is San Giovanni in Marignano, the granary of the Malatesta family, and, immediately after the Romagna border, the very famous Castle of Gradara which, according to legend, is the scene of the tragic love story of Paolo and Francesca sung by Dante.

For those who love to do activities in nature, in addition to Valconca and Valmarecchia right on the border between Romagna and Marche stands the Regional Park of Monte San Bartolo. It rises because it is the first promontory you come across coming from the north and it is a naturalistic jewel overlooking the sea that reveals fantastic panoramic points at every turn. The advice is to follow it on foot, on the beautiful paths of the cliff, or by bicycle, mountain bike or road, the famous Panoramica – or Pano – where Valentino Rossi began to train.

Recall that a few kilometers from Rimini there is also the Republic of San Marino, the oldest Republic in the world. You all probably know it but it is always worth mentioning such a singular place near us.

The amusement parks

Fans of amusement parks on the Riviera will find a real Land of Toys. Only in Rimini there are the legendary Fiabilandia and Italia in miniature while a few kilometers away and well connected are Aquafàne Oltremare, Riccione Avventura, theCattolica Aquarium, Mirabilandia and San Marino Adventures, as well as obviously the Beach Village nearby, with which we a convention and you can go there for free.

Fiabilandia is only one kilometer from the La Fenice hotel. It is the theme park dedicated to the magical world of children and, as the name implies, to fairy tales. A historical park that has among its main attractions the Spaceship of Captain Rottame, the Grand Canyon, the electronic games in the fort, the Ricciovisione (multi-projections within a hedgehog-shaped scenography), the Great Caterpillar in the apples, the Merlin’s Castle and the Aviary, a free flight simulator. And to cool off you can take a dip in the Sea of Frogs.

Also in Rimini there is another mythical park, Italia in Miniatura, with its scale reproductions of monuments and architectural masterpieces of our country and beyond. Over the years many other routes and some shows have been added but even today the main attraction remains the Minitalia, the miniature route that has 273 monuments and covers an area of 85,000 square meters with 10,000 plants.

Inside the park you can navigate the Grand Canal in a gondola, in a Venice one fifth the size of the original, measure your skills behind the wheel of special cars, discover physics by playing in the science funfair, admire the park from above aboard the Arcobaleno monorail.

The more adventurous guests will be able to test themselves with the new AreAvventura path of lianas and suspension bridges, immerse themselves in a multisensory experience inside Cinemagia 7D or battle with Cannonacqua.

Aquafàn it does not need many introductions, it is in Riccione just 6 kilometers from our hotel. It is one of the most famous water parks in Europe and in 90 thousand square meters there are slides of all kinds for a total of over 3 km, from Kamikaze to Extreme River, from Speedriul to River Run, from Surfin’hill to Twist and Tobogas …. up to the StrizzaCOOL …. Without forgetting the immense wave pool.

Right next to Aquafàn is Oltremare and its beautiful dolphin lagoon. Together with the aquatic world, the park ranges from the world of birds of prey to that of wallabies, the kangaroos of Australia experience, from the Darwinian greenhouse with reptiles and birds to the Delta experience, a symbolic path along the Po river, from the mountains to the Adriatic. , where the typical vegetation and animals of this area meet.

Also in Riccione, Riccione Avventura was recently born, a large green area with 15 paths suspended in the trees, Tibetan bridges, footbridges, cableways, tunnels, suspended bikes and many other breathtaking passages to do and redo in total safety.

Same philosophy in San Marino Adventures, in the nearby Republic of San Marino, one of the largest parks in Europe. 30 courses from 0 to 35 meters, Airsoft, Archery, Jump Tree Adventures, a large accommodation area where you can spend a fantastic day in the countryside. Fun and adrenaline guaranteed for children, teens and adults.

Mirabilandia is the largest amusement park in Italy, with an area of 850,000 square meters. The theme park has over 45 attractions, rides and shows for all ages while MiraBeach is a water park equipped with adrenaline slides, water games for children, swimming pools and a beach.

Among the most famous attractions loved by the bravest are Katun, the longest inverted coaster in Europe, iSpeed, the tallest and fastest magnetic launch roller coaster in Italy and Divertical, the tallest water coaster in the world.

Ideal for families is the Far West Valley, the thematic area dedicated to the world of the Far West, Dinoland, for an immersion in the kingdom of dinosaurs, the Rio Bravo, El Dorado Falls and Autosplash rubber dinghy route, the interactive dark ride Reset, the Gold Digger and Master Thai family coasters.


There is certainly no shortage of events on the Riviera and there are opportunities for fun all year round, including Christmas, which has also become an opportunity to take a holiday in Rimini thanks to the format The longest New Year in the world, a month of events not to be missed. . Starting in spring, the calendar thickens and in summer it becomes difficult to choose.

There are events now part of the schedule such asLa Notte Rosa, the Molo Street Parade, the beautiful concerts of Percuotere la mente, to which dozens of proposals for all tastes are added each season, from music to outdoor cinema.

We recommend that you check the calendar on the portal of the tourism department of to be always up to date.


One of the best ways to spend free time is certainly to go shopping and in Rimini there is no shortage of opportunities and temptations.

If you like shopping up to date in the historic center there is a remarkable concentration of multi-brand boutiques, original designers and single-brand stores where you can indulge yourself, there are markets and flea markets every day of the week where you can get lost among modern antiques and vintage and collectible items, as well as design and crafts proposals, starting with printed canvases.

We cannot help but advise you to take home our wonderful local products, from wine to oil, from piadina to cheeses … there is no more beautiful (and good) gift.